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The National Water Company has established the following Terms & Conditions for the use of this website in accordance with the Company's Rules and Regulations, as well as all applicable laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Any violation of these Terms & Conditions may lead to prosecution in a court of law, and NWC reserves its rights to protect NWC information and infrastructure. Products and services described in this website are available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only.

Website Use Policies
The National Water Company hereby grants to all users a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to access, download and use this website for their personal use only. NWC makes every effort to ensure that the information on this Website is accurate and timely, and reserves the right to revise the content at any time without prior notice. NWC cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of information on this website.

The user is responsible for the update of his or her personal information on the website whenever that information changes. By registering with the NWC, the user agrees to these Terms & Conditions, as well as to the NWC's Security & Privacy Policy.

No materials from this website may be copied, distributed, transmitted or otherwise used without first obtaining written permission from the NWC.

Website Misuse
This website may be used for legal purposes only. In addition, it may not be used to communicate disturbing or offensive messages, including comments about race, color, religious beliefs, political beliefs, national origin or sex.

Any attempt to avoid data protection schemes, discover security loopholes, decrypt secure data or misrepresent personal identity in any communications with NWC is strictly forbidden. In addition, the NWC prohibits any attempt to alter, modify, or delete any information, as well as any communication of fraudulent messages, or any content prohibited by law.

As a user of the NWC website, you are not allowed to create, run, or install any content which may contain malicious code, viruses, Trojans, worms, or any other program that may change, damage or interrupt the normal functioning of the website. Any attempt to interfere with the normal operations of this website is strictly forbidden.

Service Fees
No service fees will be charged for any payment made through the NWC

Legal Responsibility
If you choose to use this website, NWC cannot be held responsible for:

  • Technical, hardware or software failures
  • Incomplete, damaged or delayed transmissions
  • Loss of data as a result of any transaction made on this website
  • Loss or unavailability of network connections.

NWC refuses to accept any responsibility for damages that may occur in connection with the use or performance of this website and its contents. In addition, NWC refuses to accept any responsibility for accessing any links appearing on this site to other websites and for any data or information contained therein.

Finally, NWC reserve the right to revise and/ or update these Terms and Conditions at any time. The latest version of NWC's Terms and Conditions will be always be available on the NWC website.

Denial of Access
NWC may deny access to its website for any reason, including violation of this Terms & Conditions policy, or our Privacy & Security Policy.

NWC may also terminate this agreement at any time without notice for any reason whatsoever. Users may also terminate this agreement by giving advance written notice to the NWC. To do so, email us at: NWC.Terms@nwc.com.sa

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NWC Security & Privacy Policy


This policy is intended to provide full privacy and security for all customers and visitors to the National Water Company's (NWC) website.

Privacy Protection – Personal Data Collection and Use

The NWC would like to assure that security measures are always in place to protect any information that a website visitor may provide. Sophisticated encryption facilities are used to protect all data, sensitive or otherwise, to provide security for both website visitors.

NWC does not automatically collect any personal information from visitors to the website. If any information is collected by the NWC, it is only through the active consent of the visitor who would then provide personal information. NWC keeps any and all collected information strictly confidential except where disclosure is enforced or required by the Saudi law, or as part of a requirement to protect the rights or properties of NWC.



Connecting to NWC server may trigger the transmission to your browser of a small amount of cookies that will be stored on your computer's hard desk. These cookies will record data—such as used browser, IP Address, date and time of access, which can be read during your regular visits. These collected data are automatic and will not identify you as visitor. The NWC reserves, however, the right to use intermediary tools or software for performing statistical analysis of data collected via cookies. Although rejection of receiving the cookies will not prevent the visitor from accessing the NWC website, it may delay or slow the downloading of web pages.

The NWC website may provide links to other websites. However, the NWC is not and cannot be responsible for neither the accuracy of the information or content on these sites nor the methods for information collection and usage that these sites employ.

NWC reserves the right to change this Security & Privacy Policy at any time. An up-to-date version of the Security & Privacy Policy will be always published on the NWC website.

Agreement Language

This English version of the agreement is a translation of the Arabic version. However, in case of any conflict between the two versions, the provisions in the Arabic one shall prevail.

NWC is committed to apply the highest ethical business practices towards our customers. We are a national company responsible to its society in protect the environment and provide the highest standards of safety​